Weekly Events Schedule

The Dice Cup Recurring Weekly Events

Join us each week

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Monday - X-Wing and Yu-Gi-Oh

X-Wing – £1.50

Casual play from 6:30pm each week. 

Yu-Gi-Oh – 6:30pm – £5

£5 entry gets you a pack and an OTS pack into the prize pool. Play 4-5 games in a swiss format with everyone getting something but extra prizes going to those that perform well.

Tuesday - Pokemon, Go Club and Dragonoball Super

Pokemon – 7pm

£5 entry if you’re playing in the tournament, £1.50 if you’re playing casually.

Prizes for the tournament are based on 1.5 boosters per player into the pool, with every player getting at least one.

Go Club – from 6pm

Arrive from 6pm for a 7pm start, play in one group of 6 or two groups of 4.
We provide the stones and the boards and there are many excellent teachers if you want to learn the game.
Entry is £3, collected by the go club, which covers your admission fee.

Dragonball Super – 7pm

Prizing will have at least one pack of the current tournament series and 1-2 packs of a previous tournament pack. The winner of the pod will get a foil winner’s tournament pack and anyone else with a winning record will get an extra tournament pack.

There will be some promos and extra prizes awarded at the end of 4 weeks for the player (s) that have performed the best at this time

Wednesday - MTG Modern and Keyforge

Modern – 7pm

£5 entry, 3-5 rounds of modern depending on numbers.
1.5 boosters per player into the prizes

The first Wednesday of every month is a win-a-box which is £10 and starts earlier at 6pm

Keyforge – 7pm

Archon (£2) or sealed (£10) are the usual tournaments going. play 3-4 rounds with prizes

Thursday - Adventurer's League and Open Gaming

Open Gaming – £1.50

Arrive from 6pm and join groups playing a variety of games, from simple party games to complex Euro games. If you come by yourself, ask staff to introduce you to a suitable group. Games will be taught on the night

Adventurer’s league

There are 1-3 different adventurers league RPG sessions available. Book in through their Facebook group or pop in and ask staff for details

Friday - In-Store
Magic: The Gathering Events

Draft – £14 – 7pm

There will be a three round draft weekly using the most recent magic set. Keep what you open with boosters added to the prize pool and drafted at the end of the event depending on where you finished

Check the DIce CUp Magic Facebook group for special events, such as pre-releases, premium drafts and other events that could also take place on Fridays

Commander Play – £1.50

Come down and join in with people playing Magic’s most popular format

Saturday - Flash and Blood

Flesh and Blood – 6pm

Come down each Saturday evening to play Blitz events or Drafts in one of the newest and exciting card games

Sunday - Commander Day & Speed Quiz

Commander Day – from 11am

Come down every Sunday to joing in Magic’s most popular format. If you don’t know anyone, ask staff when you arrive and we can introduce you to a group

Speed Quiz – 7:30pm

Play in teams of up to 6 players, you will need to book in advance to be sure of saving a space.

One member of the team needs the speed quizzing app on their phone. Questions are read out and also appear on the screen. You have a short time to answer and everything is score automatically with bonus points for the fastest teams. Each week there are 60 general knowledge questions and a specialist subject round. There are also different types of questions, from multiple choice, to keypad, to pictures to a buzzer round.

£2 per player, with prizes in the form of cake and free play vouchers.