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Meet the The Dice Cup Team:

Steve (Director)

Likes: Euro Games, Crokinole, Magic: the Gathering

Caitlin (Supervisor)

Likes: Light Strategy Games, Roleplaying Games and Drinking Tea

Sam (Staff Member)

Likes: Final Fantasy, Strategy Games, Bluffing Games

Amy (Manager)

Likes: Pokemon, Keyforge, Social Games

Michael (Manager)

Likes: Horror and Fantasy RPGs, Miniature games, Making Steve a coffee

Merlin (Cafe Dog)

Likes: Head Scratches & Belly Rubs.
Dislikes: Bad Dancing and The Muppets

Tanya (Staff Member)

Likes: D&D, Pokemon, Family Games

Matt (Director)

Likes: Keyforge, Escape room games, Deckbuilders

Sheridan (Staff Member)

Likes: LARP, RPGs, Thematic Games

Barrie (Staff member)

Likes: Pathfinder 1E, Strategy Games, Magic: The Gathering

Here's what our customers have to say...

The Dice Cup Reviews

“Outstanding customer service and knowledge. Great place to play, trade and buy games (as well as accessories).”

Carrie Anne

“Really helpful, friendly and knowledgable staff to help you learn games or even play with you if you need the company. I always feel welcome here and know it is a safe place I can go to hang out with friends and meet nice people. A real asset to the game playing community in nottingham. The vegan food and drinks are a plus since I am vegetarian and lactose intolerant.”

Nicole Solarte-Tobon

“We had a great time today. Everyone socially distanced and respected each other, staff and customers.

Food and drinks were great and the guy who helped us was so helpful and taught us several games and gave lots of advice

We’ll definitely be back soon! Thanks guys!

Claire Campbell-Amies

“The nicest place in all of Nottingham . I live 25 miles away and it’s totally worth travelling for. Warm folk, friendly atmosphere, great games, vegan cake and a lovely dog!”

Natalia Reale

Events Schedule

Online and In-Store Events: Including weekly quizzes suitable for any level quizzers and exclsuive game specific events.