About Us

The Dice Cup is Nottingham’s first and largest Board Game Cafe, running since January 2016. The Dice Cup is 100% Vegan, dog friendly and based central to Nottingham city just beside the Victoria Centre Bus Station.

We’re inclusive to all and consider ourselves more of a community nowadays, than a shop. Even dogs are allowed to join the fun! 😉 

Whether your interest is Role Play Games, Card Games, Board games, tournament play, abstract strategy or even just a good cup of coffee and a cake, there is something here for you.

Our well trained staff can also teach all of the 900+ games between them that we have in our library as well as give you recommendations within the store or even show you how to play that card game your friends are trying to get you into.

And we don’t just stop at coffee, cake and board games we also host a variety of events too!

Most events are on a weekly basis but we also run some larger one-off events. These include RPG sessions, all sorts of TCG including MTG, Pokemon, Dragonball, Yu-Gi-Oh and others, a Go club, X-Wing and even a Quiz EVERY Sunday.

(Check out the events we do by clicking here or by visiting us on Facebook.)

More than anything else though, we try to remain a safe space in these difficult times. So, please enjoy yourself while you are here, try to forget whats going on in the world and let’s roll some dice! 🙂

The Dice Cup Team